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    ​​​​​​​​​​​Prequalification process

    Different stages of the Prequalification Process are depicted in the flow diagram below -​​​

     Reg2.pngPQ Ap3.pngPQ An 2.pngflow2.png

    Information on Prequalification

    Basic overview including eligibility criteria.


    All Applicants must register their companies to participate in Prequalification. Once registered, a company does not need to register again for subsequent years.​​​​​​

    Prequalification document ​library 

    Visit this page to access the 2018 Prequal Guidance document along with other documents such as the DSR Business Model template​.


    An Applicant may dispute the Prequalification Decision made by the EMR Delivery Body through a formal dispute process set out in the Regulations.

    Pre-Auction activities​

    This is the final stage of Prequalification. This stage covers the activities that are required to be completed before Auction.


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