2015-06-21 17_02_55-UAT - About.png Electricity Market Reform aims to deliver low carbon energy supplies whilst maintaining security of supply and minimising the cost to the consumer.

EMR introduces two key mechanisms to provide incentives for the investment required in our energy infrastructure:

Contracts for Difference
The objective of Contracts for Difference is to provide long-term price stabilisation to low carbon plant, allowing investment to come forward at a lower cost of capital and therefore at a lower cost to consumers.

The Capacity Market
The objective of Capacity Market is to provide a regular retainer payment to reliable forms of capacity (both demand and supply side), in return for such capacity being available when the system is tight.

Provision for the Mechanisms is made in the Energy Act 2013. The detailed design and implementation of the mechanisms are provided for in the Electricity Capacity Regulations, and Capacity Market Rules.​

Aboutbanner.png In our role as EMR Delivery Body, National Grid is responsible for:
  • Producing annual Electricity Capacity Reports for Government to advise on capacity requirements in order to meet the published reliability standard.

  • Coordinating the implementation of the CM and FiT CfD mechanisms.

  • The procurement and maintenance of core systems.

  • Administering key elements of the Capacity Market including;
    • Prequalification
    • Auction of Capacity Obligations
    • Secondary Trading of Obligations
    • Maintenance of the Capacity Market Register

  • Administering key elements of the FiT CfD regime including;
    • Application and Qualification
    • Valuation and Budget Assessment
    • CfD Allocation


Meet the Team

The Strategy and Assurance Team​​

The Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference Teams

  •   Andy.jpg
    Andrew Ford
    Strategy and Assurance Manager
    ​Andy leads the Strategy and Assurance team. The team manages stakeholder engagement, policy and rule changes and regulatory compliance activities for EMR. Prior to joining the EMR team in October 2017, Andy has held a range of commercial positions within National Grid. Recent experience includes procuring and developing future balancing services, new connection policy and account management.
  • EL1.png Nina Bhogal
    Customer & Stakeholder Engagement Manager
    Nina joined the team in October 2015 and has a background in change management, stakeholder and employee engagement. Her role is to develop and work with the Delivery Managers to implement the customer and stakeholder engagement strategy and programme plan so that the EMR team is able to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.                                          
  • AS1.png Julian Ross
    Change Manager
    Julian joined the EMR team in June 2016 and has a background in project management and environmental compliance. Julian is responsible for managing the Change team within EMR. This involves overseeing the development of the EMR Delivery Body Portal and regulatory change processes.
  • RJ1.png                           

    Richard Griffiths

    Richard joined the EMR team in August 2016, having worked for the company for 20 years. He is responsible for the interpretation and development of CM Rules & Regulations and takes the role of 'Product Owner' for delivery of changes on to the EMR Delivery Body Portal.
  • TG1.png                           

    Tim Gregory

    ​Tim joined the EMR team in October 2015. His role entails working with Delivery Partners (Ofgem, BEIS and ESC) and customers to understand the current Rules and Regulations and try to establish a smooth process for any changes which are required.
  • Charlotte.jpg  

     Charlotte Watts

    ​Charlotte joined National Grid and the EMR team in August 2016. Her role is to support the registration and qualification processes to ensure successful Capacity Market applications and to test IS system functionality.
  • Helen.jpg 

    Helen Mukkara

    Helen joined the EMR team in July 2016 having previously worked in Gas Transmission. Her role is to support the registration and qualification processes to ensure successful Capacity Market applications and to test IS system functionality.
  • Leanne.jpg  

    Leanne Tran

    Leanne joined the EMR team in August 2017. Her role involves understanding the risk and compliance aspects of the Delivery Body's role and ensuring that the team remain complaint with all business separation obligations. She also provides programme support to the overall EMR Operational Plan.
  • Laura.jpg  Laura Brock - Maternity Leave
    Change Manager
    Laura joined National Grid in 2006 and has a strong legal and System Operator business background. Most recently, she delivered the Contingency Balancing Reserve products to support security of supply on the GB transmission system; working closely with Industry participants and the Regulator. Laura now leads the team responsible for interpreting and developing the CM Rules & Regulations; including management of system interfaces required to deliver BEIS’s policy.




  • matt.png Matthew Magill
    CM and CfD Manager
    Matt is here to ensure everything gets done across both Capacity Market and Contracts for Difference. Since joining the EMR team in October 2015 Matt has overseen two prequalification rounds and 8 auctions. In April 2017 Matt also took on responsibility for the second CfD round and will oversee the third round in Spring 2019. Matt has been with National Grid since 2003 and brings a wealth of Electricity system knowledge and a focus on process improvement.                                          
  • Chris.jpg                            ​​Chris Thackeray
    EMR Delivery Manager - CM
    As Capacity Market Operations Manager, Chris has been leading our customer transformation since January 2017. He's accountable for our relationship with Capacity Providers, the Prequalification process and the management of Capacity Market Agreements.
  • IN2.png   Ian Nicholas
    EMR Delivery Manager - Auctions
    Ian has experience in both the technical and commercial areas of the UK power industry. As a Capacity Market Delivery Manager his duties include vendor co-ordination for the auction platform, the readiness of the industry with a series of engagements and coordinated events, training and material- all in accordance with the Capacity Market rules and regulations.
  • Ben.jpg  Ben Smith
    EMR Delivery Manager - CfD​
    Ben joined the EMR team in July 2014 as a Capacity Market Account Manager, before moving to the CfD team in April 2016 to take up the position as EMR Delivery Manager. Ben has worked at National Grid in a variety of roles over the last 8 Years and is currently responsible for managing the valuation and allocation of CfD applicants.
  • RJ1.png                        ​​Faye Purchase
    Faye has been in the team since 2016. She leads the key pre-Auction activities Prequalification and Tier 1 Disputes, and is responsible for customer engagement in the Capacity Market at the EMR Delivery Body. 
  • Mark.jpg  ​​Mark Baker
    Mark joined the team in August 2016. His role is to manage the EMR Operations front desk and certain key agreement management processes, ensuring that applicants are supported and guided through the complexities of the Capacity Market from contract award to delivery.  Prior to this he was involved in the successful delivery of the second CfD auction.
  • TS1.png               Tushar Singh
    Tushar joined National Grid in 2007 and the EMR team in 2014. He has previously held roles in Metering, Connection Charging and Commercial Frameworks in the area of Charging and Capacity Development for Electricity Customers. He is responsible for dealing with Capacity Market participants and stakeholders, with a particular focus on agreement management processes. 
  • Konstantina.jpg  ​​​Konstantina Maniki
    Konstantina is an Electrical Engineer and joined National Grid and the EMR team in November 2017. She has previously held technical and business roles across the energy industry and has worked, among else, for two of the Big Six energy companies in UK.  Konstantina is the new engagement lead for Demand Side Response (DSR) participants and a new Customer Lead of the Capacity Market team.
  • Firas.jpg  ​​Firas Sultan
    Firas joined the EMR Capacity Market team in January 2018. As well as supporting the front desk, Firas is the performance lead for CM and is responsible for developing the team's reporting framework.
  • grey-square-288x300.png ​​Mandeep Dhaliwal
    Mandeep (Mandy) joined the EMR Capacity Market team in January 2018. Mandy has worked in various industries including academia, customer service and health care. As well as supporting the front desk, Mandy is responsible for supporting agreement management activities and processes within the team.
  • Heather.jpg  ​​Heather Stratford
    Heather joined the EMR Auction team in September 2017. She joined National Grid in 2016 working in strategic analysis under the System Operator. Prior to this she worked within the Environmental sector focusing on both commercial and strategic analysis.
  • NM2.png ​​​Tim Dart
    Tim joined the EMR team and National Grid in July 2016. His role is to support the running of the Capacity Market Auctions, which includes supporting participants through the auction process, both before and during them. He also provides guidance on the Secondary Trading and Volume Reallocation processes.
  • NM2.png ​​​Vikas Garg​
    Vikas joined the EMR team in July 2016. His role is to support the system and processes involved in the running of Capacity Market Auctions, Secondary Trading and helping market participants in readiness for these.
  • Nisar.jpg  ​​Nisar​ Ahmed
    Nisar is a Chartered Management Accountant and has been with National Grid since 1999. He joined the EMR team in July 2014 as a member of the Contracts for Difference team and has lead various EMR activities to support the successful delivery of systems, processes and controls to help deliver the needs of Delivery Partners, stakeholders and customers.
  • Anna.jpg 

    ​​​Anna Holleron

    Anna joined the EMR team in August 2015 and manages the EMR registration process, which verifies potential applicants thus allowing them to enter an allocation round. She has a background in Process & Performance Excellence and played a key role in the success of CFD Round 2 focusing on customer value. Anna leads the programme planning in support of EMR activities.
  • Arjun.jpg  

    ​​​Arjun Mukkara

    Arjun joined the EMR team in August 2016. His role is to support the Contracts for Difference Valuation and Allocation process, applicant and stakeholder readiness leading up to the start of the CfD Round and understanding of CfD policy rules to enable successful delivery of any future CfD Allocation Rounds.
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