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New EMR Delivery Body Portal

The EMR Delivery Body administrates the Capacity Market Agreement process and undertakes analysis, reports and recommendations, to help the UK Government determine how much electricity capacity is needed in future years to maintain security of supply.

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Why do I need to register? 

In order to submit a Capacity Market Prequalification Application for
the 2023 Capacity Market Auctions, you will need to register in the 
New EMR Delivery Body Portal.

The registration process controls access to the online administration 
system and ensures that only legitimate representatives of an
organisation or company may act on its behalf when applying
for a Capacity Market Agreement.

Click the image above to Register a Company. 
What information will I need?

Companies will need to provide the details of an Active Director/Owner
and a Main Administrator for the EMR Delivery Body Portal. 

Active Director/Owner information will need to be verified against
public information. 

The Main Administrator will have the appropriate level of authority 
to issue/rescind user access from the system and act as the
point of contact. 

Click the image above to Sign In.
Where can I find more information?

If you require further assistance with this process you can find
detailed instructions in our EMR Company Registration, Company
and User Management Guidance which can be found below.

EMR DB New Portal Registration Guidance V5.1.pdf

If you have any questions on the information provided on this page
please contact us at: