We are pleased to advise that the New EMR Delivery Body Portal is now open for all Capacity Market Processes. You can access the New EMR Portal by clicking the New EMR DB Portal tab and clicking New EMR DB Portal Log In button. Please note that the portal will still be available in Read Only mode for customers to review successful migration of data. CfD Allocation Round 6 Update. We are now on scenario 5 of the CfD Timeline.
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    ​​Capacity Market

    The Capacity Market (CM) is one of the key policies of the Electricity Market Reform programme. The CM aims to ensure the future security of our electricity supply at the lowest cost to consumers. 

    There are various stages to the CM process, see the process flow below for further information.​

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    ​The EMR Delivery Body undertakes analysis and creates a report to outline recommendations to support the UK Government with determining how much capacity is needed in future years to maintain security of supply. This section contains the links to the relevant reports.

    To ensure that security of supply is maintained at an affordable level, a competitive Auction process is run for which potential entrants must first prequalify in order to participate. This section explains the different stages of the Prequalification process.   ​

    Applicants who are successful through the Prequalification process are able to enter into the relevant Capacity Auction. This section explains the different stages of the Auction process.​

    Should an applicant be successful in the relevant Auction, they shall be awarded a Capacity Agreement, outlining certain specific requirements that must be fulfilled ahead of the start of any relevant Delivery Year as well as capacity obligations. This section explains the different requirements and obligations that need to be fulfilled.

    Applicants that have secured a Capacity Agreement at Auction, must deliver agains​t their capacity obligation at any time of system stress during the Delivery Year which runs from 1 October to 30 September. This section explains the process when a stress event occurs.​

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