Credit cover...if your Prequalification Application has a status of Conditionally Prequalified following tier 1 disputes and you are required to lodge credit cover you will need to do this with EMRS by Friday 13 December 2019. If you have previously withdrawn credit cover for T4 2016 and T4 2017 Auctions you may then have a further requirement to lodge credit cover for these Agreements. You will have until Friday 20 December 2019 to lodge any incremental credit cover with EMRS.
EMRSeasonal opening hoursNew11/12/2019 16:16
EMREMR DB Portal updateNew11/12/2019 16:13
CMMetering Aggregation information for 2019 Delivery YearNew10/12/2019 15:00
CMDeferred Relevant Planning Consents & Capital Expenditure deadlines28/11/2019 16:36
CMPrequalification status relating to Exhibit ZA and credit cover submissions26/11/2019 11:09
EMRAuction Readiness Webinar and System Training14/11/2019 10:20
CMCM: Tier 1 disputes submissions window closes tomorrow31/10/2019 12:58
CMCM Prequalification 2019: results are online for Applicants25/10/2019 15:57
CfDCfD Round 3 Results Released24/09/2019 09:25
EMRCFD Round 3 results released 24/09/2019 08:27
EMRCFD Round 3 results released24/09/2019 08:21
EMR CFD Round 3 Results Released20/09/2019 08:18
EMRMetering Assurance Reminder on behalf of Electricity Settlements Company30/08/2019 14:48
CfDCfD AR3 Sealed Bids Window now closed29/08/2019 17:01
CMPQ guidance updated - clarification on meter aggregation and description of CMU on Exhibits16/08/2019 16:03
CfDUpdate on the CfD AR3 timeline14/08/2019 16:55
CMPQ guidance updated - clarification on agreement length07/08/2019 16:26
CMEvent FAQs | Consolidated Rules 201906/08/2019 14:49
CMExhibit Tool v3.1 - only impacts Interconnector CMUs02/08/2019 10:55
CfDCfD Delivery Body have now finished the non-qualification review assessment for AR331/07/2019 09:09
CMExhibit tool is back online25/07/2019 13:32
CMExhibit Tool v2.024/07/2019 14:55
CMPrequalification Window now open | BEIS announcement | DSR guidance v2.022/07/2019 16:17
CMPrequalification guidance v2.0 | Pre-submission checks | Operational plan19/07/2019 16:05
CM2019 Capacity Market Launch Event slides18/07/2019 14:19
CfDCFD AR3 non-qualification review window has now closed17/07/2019 09:34
CMEMR DB Portal system updates | SPD and extended performance guidance FAQs15/07/2019 16:29
CMAuction Parameters, ECR and Methodolgy for 2020 auctions now available11/07/2019 06:56
CfDThe EMR Contracts for Difference (CFD) Team have now finished the Qualification Assessment process for CFD Round 310/07/2019 13:12
CMMetering Aggregation guidance08/07/2019 16:46
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