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    This section contains links to all of our Electricity Capacity Reports and Security of Supply related documents.


    Electricity Capacity Report 

    Electricity Capacity Report (ECR) summarises the modelling analysis undertaken by National Grid, in its role as the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Delivery Body. The report supports the decision by the Government on the amount of capacity to secure through the Cap​​acity Market Auctions for delivery in T-1 and T-4 Delivery Years.

    Link to latest report

    For Historic ECRs, please click on this link


    ​Demand Curve Adjustments

    Under the CM Regulations and Rules, we are obliged following Prequalification to advise the Secretary of State if any adjustment should be made to the demand curve in light of Prequalification results [or any additional new information] and provide a recommendation as to any adjustment to be made. Our recommendations for the T-1 and T-4 Auctions are included in the “Adjustments to Demand Curve” report which is published in this section.

    Link to latest report

    For Historic docments, please click on this link 

    De-ratings Development Project

    De-rating’ factor is applied to all forms of electricity generation as we do not assume that 100% of capacity will be available 100% of the time. Generating Plant can break down from time to time and wind and solar output varies day to day. Applying a ‘de-rating factor’ helps us to determine how much electricity generation is required to meet the Government’s Reliability Standard. This section contains information related to de-rating factor reviews and projects undertaken.

    Link to latest report

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