The Capacity Market has now been reinstated. If you had an agreement in the T4 2016 or 2017 auctions and you have withdrawn the credit cover or if you have conditionally Prequalified in T1 2019 you will be required to repost credit cover with the EMR Settlement Body by Friday 20 December. For Applications from the recent Prequalification round in October 2019 that are required to lodge credit cover with the EMR Settlement Body you will need to do this by Friday 15 November.
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    Application and Qualification

    To apply for a CfD, applicants must complete the CfD application form, which will be available closer to the start of the Allocation Round.​​

    Only an eligible generator may be awarded a CfD. The Contracts for Difference (Definition of Eligible Generator) Regulations 2014 (the "Eligibility Regulations"), define who is an eligible generator.

    To be a qualifying applicant, participants must:

    • ​​Meet Eligibility Requirements as set out in the Eligibility Regulations, Contracts for Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014 ("the Allocation Regulations"), the Contracts for Difference Allocation Framework (the "Allocation Framework"); 
    • Not be an Excluded applicant as defined in the Allocation Regulations and Allocation Framework; and
    • Provide additional information/data as set out in the Allocation Regulations and Allocation Framework.

    When the application window to apply for CfD has closed, the application determination starts. The Delivery Body will then determine whether or not an application qualifies to take part in the Allocation process.

    The Delivery Body will determine qualification based on the information provided by the applicant and in accordance with the requirements of the Eligibility Regulations, Allocation Regulations and Allocation Framework. The Allocation Framework provides a list of the checks that the Delivery Body must carry out when assessing applications.

    Failure to meet any of the qualification criteria and any additional information requirements will result in the Delivery Body rejecting the application. It is worth highlighting that the subsequent review and appeal phases for non-qualifying applicants do not allow submission of additional evidence that was not provided with the original application.​

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