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    Round 2​ (2017)

    CFD Round 2 Summary.pdf

    ​Overview of the CFD Round 2 results.

    11/09/2017 09:10
    CfD IA ISAE 3000 Assurance Report Round 2 vFinal.pdf

    Copy of the Independent Auditor report for CFD Allocation Round 2 as per requirements outlined ​in regulation 36(4) of the Contracts For Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014 (as amended).

    11/09/2017 09:05
    APPEALS REGISTER - Allocation Round 2.pdf

    Round 2 Contracts for Difference (CFD) Results – Appeals Register has been published 

    11/09/2017 07:32
    CFD Round 2 Sealed Bids Guidance.pdf
    11/08/2017 09:01
    CFD Sealed Bids Tutorial Video V1.0.mp4

    ​A step by step tutorial showing how to complete the CFD Round 2 Sealed Bids Form.

    14/06/2017 14:32
    National_Grid_FAQs_V2 3 April 2017.docx

    ​​Updated FAQs to support applicants through Allocation Round 2 - questions 12, 13 and 19 are the new FAQs

    03/04/2017 08:01
    CFD Round 2 Delivery Body Guidance v2.0.pdf

    ​Updated CFD Round 2 Delivery Body Guidance v2.0 for the end to end Delivery Body process released on 24th March 2017.

    This shall be periodically reviewed and updated as the Round progresses. 

    Notifications of any changes to this document shall be provided on the Portal and to email subscribers.

    24/03/2017 10:50
    CfD Auction Scenarios Tutorial Video V1.0.mp4
    A video explaning CFD Round 2 Auction Scenarios from Bid Stack to Interleaving.
    24/03/2017 09:46
    CfD Application Tutorial Video V1.0.mp4
    A step by step tutorial showing how to complete the CFD Round 2 Application Form.
    24/03/2017 09:42
    CFD 16 March 2017 Event DB Slides.pptx
    Delivery Body Slide Pack from the CFD Round 2 Event held on 16th March 2017
    24/03/2017 09:38
    CfD Registration Tutorial Video V1.0.mp4

    ​A step by step tutorial for registering for Contracts for Difference Round 2.

    22/02/2017 08:41
    EMR Company Registration User Support Guide.pdf

    ​How to register your company.

    27/01/2017 11:56
    Slide Pack 5 - CfD Kick Off_Future Engagements Final.pptx

    ​Future engagement plans for Round 2 - presented by Yasharn Smith at the event held on 1 December 2016.

    07/12/2016 09:45
    Slide Pack 3 - CfD Kick Off_ CfD Allocation Process Final.pptx

    ​National Grid as EMR Delivery Body, Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) co-hosted an ‘Introduction to CFD Allocation Round’ event on 1 December 2016 following the announcement on the 9 November which set out details in relation to the second CFD allocation round.

    This event provided an introduction to the CFD process, best estimates of the round timeline and an opportunity to meet with representatives from the key delivery partners (National Grid - EMR Delivery Body and LCCC/ESC) as well as key energy policy representatives from BEIS.

    ​These slides were presented by Yasharn Smith and cover the Delivery Bodies role.

    06/12/2016 16:59
    Introduction to CFD Allocation Round Agenda 011216_FINAL.pptx

    ​Introduction to CFD Allocation Round Agenda

    09/11/2016 09:34
    CFD Industry Event - 14 July 2015.pdf

    ​Presentation slides of the event held by National Grid Delivery Body CfD Team on 14 July 2015.

    16/07/2015 10:39
    CFD Industry Event - 18 June 2015.pdf

    ​Presentation slides of the event held by LCCC, EMR Settlement Limited and National Grid Delivery Body on 18 June 2015.

    16/07/2015 10:38


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