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T-1 Auction (Delivery Year: 2021-22) - Published Round Results


Capacity Market Rule 5.5.18 Requires the Auctioneer to Announce and Publish the following information prior to the start of each Bidding Round:

  • ​​The Bidding Round Price Spread.
  • ​​​The Potential Clearing Capacity at the Bidding Round Price Floor​ for that Bidding Round.​​​​​​​​​​
  • Except in relation to the first Bidding Round, the Excess Capacity as at​ the start of the Bidding Round.​​​


​The Bidding Round Price Spread will be £5/kW for each Bidding Round, as described in the Auction Guidelines.  The "Potential Clearing Capacity" is identical to the demand curve at a given price. The Excess Capacity is the excess of supply over demand at a particular price. The Excess Capacity is rounded to the nearest 1GW, where the Excess Capacity falls below 1GW, "Below 1GW" will be displayed. Once the (unrounded) Excess Capacity falls below zero, the Auction will clear, subject to Capacity Market Rule 5.9.

These values are displayed in the Table below and charted in Figure 1. They will be updated approximately 10 minutes after the completion of each Bidding Round. This coincides with the release of this information to Bidders.  

The Graph below shows the Rounded Excess Capacity added to the Potential Clearing Capacity, that is, the Remaining Capacity, or Supply. The supply will only be shown at a Bidding Round Price Cap/Floor, with a linear interpolation within a round.  Two curves will be shown, giving upper and lower bounds for the supply, given the rounding to the published Excess Capacity figures.

By Examining the Capacity Market Register, it can be verified that the Capacity Entering the Auction is  4240.390 MW De-Rated Capacity. This Capacity is the Supply at the Auction Price Cap in Figure 1 below.

The Auction has cleared in Round 6. The Clearing Price is £45 /kW/year. The total quantity of De-Rated Capacity procured is 2252.116 MW.

The full Provisional Results Report is available here.               

The Provisional Results Report  Appendix A in .xlsx  format is available here.

The Auction Results will remain Provisional until 12th March 2021 (Auction Results Day).


Figure 1: Rounded Remaining Capacity

Round Number​​​
Bidding Round Pric​​e Spread​


​​P​otential Clearing Capacity at the Bidding Round Price Floor​ (MW)​
​​​Excess Capacity as at the start of the Bidding Round​

​Round 1
​75 - 70
Round 2
​70 - 652092.308​​2000
Round 3
65 - 602188.462​​2000
Round 4
60 - 552284.615​​2000
Round 5
55 - 502380.769​
​Round 6
​50 - 45