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    All companies that wish to participate in the Capacity Market will first need to register to set up an account on the EMR Delivery Body Administration System. The registration process controls access to the online Administration and Auction Systems, and seeks to ensure that only legitimate representatives of a company may act on its behalf in the Capacity Market.
    Initial Company Registration​
    To register, companies should complete the Company Regi​stration form via the Administration System.

    The registration form asks for details of the Authorised Person and the Main Administrator for the Portal.

    • The Authorised Person should be the Company Secretary or a Director who can be verified against public information. We will cross-check the Authorised Person against public records.​

    • The Main Administrator will have the appropriate level of authority to issue/rescind user access from the Administration and Auction Systems, and act as the primary point of contact.

    You will need to save the Company Registration form to your computer. A notification will appear once you have submitted the registration. A signed, scanned version of the Company Registration form must then be submitted via the Administration System.​ Please note, Safari and Google Chrome are not supported in the Registration process; we recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

    Adding Sub-Companies

    ​​The Capacity Market is based on Capacity Market Units (CMUs) which represent physical sources of capacity.  Each CMU is associated with an Applicant Company. The Applicant Company for a CMU may be either the Main Company or a Sub-Company. 
    • The Main Company is established through the initial company registration process.

    • A Sub-Company is a subsidiary company to the Main Company, created by the Main Adminstrator.

    Adding Users and Privileges​
    The Main Administrator can register additional Users, able to log-in to their Company's area of the Admin System, and carry out specific roles.   Each of these users must be given "privileges" to carry out specific roles for the Main Company or any Sub-Company.

    Users are able to act on behalf of the Main or Sub-Companies that they have been assigned privileges for. They cannot create, amend or delete any companies or log-in IDs.

    ​Privileges can be assigned to Users to enable them to carry out specific tasks for one or more Sub-Companies.  The different privileges are:

    • Operator – May create applications on behalf of a subcompany.

    • Approver – May submit applications on behalf of a subcompany.

    • Viewer – May view, but not edit or submit applications on behalf of a subcompany.

    ​​​The Main Administrator may also register a Deputy Main Administrator.  

    • The Deputy Main Administrator has all of the same functionality as a Main Administrator, and thereby provides cover for the Main Administrator. They may create sub-companies, CMUs, Users and make amendments to existing data.

    ​Example: A Simple Single CMU Company Structure
    Example: A Group Structure with Multiple Users and Sub-Companies
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