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    Engagement and Events

    We are aspiring to make our process self-service: to deliver more effective, intuitive IS systems and processes that Applicants can use without guidance.


    • In the meantime, we are developing more detailed, plain English guidance documents targeted at the different Capacity Market Unit types​, for all levels of CM knowledge.
    • We are working on webinars and videos as a more efficient way to deliver widely applicable messages.
    • We are planning structured, short 1-2-1s targeted at those who need them to deal with specific issues. These shall be either at National Grid House or over Facetime to reduce travelling time and costs. We are still here for those who need help.


    • All queries shall be directed through the new enquiries front desk where common questions shall be collated into guidance updates and published for all to view.  We believe that this approach is more efficient, transparent and ensures fair treatment of all Applicants. It should also reduce waste and effort over time where the DB is generating bespoke responses to queries.


    • We are publishing helpful tools to make creating Applications more efficient and easier to get right. We will be publishing shortly a tool for Applicants to create Prequalification Exhibits using company details provided at Registration.
    • Also, we have published a milestones tool to support with a​greement management and a tool to navigate the operational plan on our website. Functionality in these tools allows for key dates to be added to your Outlook calendar.

    Here is a link to the latest Event slides from the Prequalification Event on 10th July 2018.

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