Our telephone line is temporarily closed please direct any queries to our mailbox. Prequalification guidance The Auction Parameters and Auction Guidelines are now available. Prequalification Submission Window is now closed. The Delivery Body is carrying out the assessment process until 6 November 2020.
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    The Capacity Market Auction is the competitive process to award Capacity Market Agreements to meet the target capacity for the relevant Delivery Year. Only Capacity Market Units (CMUs) which have successfully Prequalified and where necessary, confirmed entry, will be able to take part. See the process flow below for th​e required activities.​

    new process flow 3.PNG

    ​Prequalified applicants carry out activities including, but not limited to: participating in a practice Auction, webinar and training; optimizing bidding companies and reviewing the Register.

    ​Eligible applicants should complete activities relevant to their CMU t​ype such as confirmation of entry, max obligation period and DSR bidding capacity.

    ​Applicants will take part in the Mock Auction. This is also an opportunity to review the data, test Auction system credentials and learn about the Auction system.

    Bidders will take part in the main Auction.​                                

    ​Final Auction Results are published 8 working days after the Auction clears. The CANs are then released 20 working days later.                   

    Guidance documents for each stage of the process and the Auction Results from previous Auctions can be found in the document library. Select the links below to access these documents.​

    Auction Results​


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