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    Agreement Management

    ​Depending on the Capacity Market Unit (CMU) type, a Capacity Provider may have certain obligations and rights​​​, as shown below -

    Mileston​​e Rep​orts​ ​

    (Applicable to New Build and Refurbishing CMUs)

     required for demonstrating construction progress, project costs, Financial Commitment and Substantial Completion.

    Connection Arrangements

    (Applicable to New Build and Existing CMUs)

    Details of connection arrangements for distribution, private wire and transmission connected CMUs.


    (Applicable to all CMU types)

    Details of CMU metering arrangements (metering assessments and metering tests).

    Demand Side Response (DSR)

    (Applicable to DSR CMUs)

    Details on how to demonstrate DSR performance.

    Capacity Provider Requests


    Options for Capacity Provi​ders to transfer capacity obligations, change CMU locations, lodging Security Interests and requesting changes to the Capacity Market Register.

    Obligation Trading

    (Applicable to all CMU types)

    Options for Capacity Providers to trade all or part of their Capacity Obligation through Secondary Trading and Volume Reallocation.


    (Applicable to all CMU types)

    Failure of Capacity Providers to meet key obligations may result in termination of Capacity Agreements.


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