Our telephone line is temporarily closed please direct any urgent queries to our mailbox. The Final T4 Auction Results report is now available on the EMR Portal. Metering Aggregation is required when completing SPDs for 2020 and 2021 Delivery Year. Guidance can be found on our website under Agreement Management. T1 Capacity Agreement Notices have now been released
CMCM: REMINDER: Connection Arrangement & Financial Commitment Milestone Deadlines 31/03/202020/03/2020 11:17
CMCM: REMINDER - Satisfactory Performance Days Deadline 30 April 2020 for 2019-20 Delivery Year20/03/2020 11:16
CMCM: Issue of Capacity Agreement Notices - T-1 2020/2118/03/2020 10:29
CM *IMPORTANT UPDATE* - Metering Assessment/Metering Test Certificate Deadlines18/03/2020 10:28
CMAgreement Management Milestones - Removal of Capacity Market Deadlines Tool12/03/2020 12:50
CMIssue of Capacity Agreement Notices - T-3 2022/2311/03/2020 16:10
CMSatisfactory Performance Days Deadline 30 April 2020 for 2019-20 Delivery Year06/03/2020 11:49
CMT-4 Auction (DY 2023-24)05/03/2020 07:50
CMT-4 Auction Confirmation of Entry window now open13/02/2020 09:10
CMT-4 Auction Parameters adjustment made13/02/2020 08:28
CMT-1 Auction (DY 2020/21) Provisional Results07/02/2020 18:34
CMT-1 Auction (DY 2020/21)06/02/2020 07:41
CMT-3 Mock Auction : Confirmation of Rescheduled date (Update 3)23/01/2020 17:14
CMProvisional date for T-3 Mock Auction22/01/2020 15:41
CMT-3 Mock Auction 21st January 2020 cancelled (Update 1)21/01/2020 11:47
CMT-3 Mock Auction tommorow cancelled20/01/2020 15:38
CMT-1 Auction Confirmation of Entry window now open20/01/2020 08:15
CMT-3 Auction Confirmation of Entry window now open10/01/2020 08:18
CMAuction Guidelines 2020 and Updates to the Demand Curve now available08/01/2020 14:59
CMHigh level summary of the Auction readiness webinar poll results12/12/2019 09:02
CMMetering Aggregation information for 2019 Delivery Year10/12/2019 15:00
CMDeferred Relevant Planning Consents & Capital Expenditure deadlines28/11/2019 16:36
CMPrequalification status relating to Exhibit ZA and credit cover submissions26/11/2019 11:09
CMCM: Tier 1 disputes submissions window closes tomorrow31/10/2019 12:58
CMCM Prequalification 2019: results are online for Applicants25/10/2019 15:57
CMPQ guidance updated - clarification on meter aggregation and description of CMU on Exhibits16/08/2019 16:03
CMPQ guidance updated - clarification on agreement length07/08/2019 16:26
CMEvent FAQs | Consolidated Rules 201906/08/2019 14:49
CMExhibit Tool v3.1 - only impacts Interconnector CMUs02/08/2019 10:55
CMExhibit tool is back online25/07/2019 13:32
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